Wayne State University

Career Advising

The School of Library and Information Science offers a variety of career and placement services to meet the needs of its students and alumni. These services include job announcements, career planning and placement workshops, an annual Career Fair, and personalized career advising.

Personalized Career Advising

The SLIS is pleased to provide a Career Advising service for its students and alumni. The School's Career Advisor, Kim Schroeder, is available by appointment (either in person, on phone, or online) for individual advice and assistance.

  • Resume Critiquing
    • Send resume over to our Advisor for review  
    • Multiple drafts can be evaluated
  • Job Interviewing Practice: 
    • Send the advisor an actual job description of a job that you desire
    • Arrange an appointment to be “interviewed” for that position
  • Career Guidance Counseling: 
    • Discuss your ideal job and how you can present yourself for that position 
    • Work on developing your “brand”
    • Discuss options for gaining hands-on skills and increasing your networking/visibility

Contact Kim Schroeder to make an appointment.

Phone: 313-577-9783
E-mail: ag1797@wayne.edu

Career Planning Articles and Resources

A collection of resources you can utilize as you develop your LIS career and begin job hunting. If you would like to suggest an article, please contact Kim at ag1797@wayne.edu.



Planning and Placement Workshops

The School, its student chapters, and alumni association host a variety of career planning and placement workshops throughout the year.  Workshop topics, schedules, and sign up information are announced through the School’s email list and on the School’s website. 

SLIS offers a variety of Career Service events throughout the year for the benefit of its students and alumni.  When possible, such events are recorded and made available to students and alumni. 

2014 OCLC Careers Presentation
Featuring the following panel speakers:

  • Rob Ross, OCLC Director of Implementation Programs
  • Anita Cory, OCLC Recruiting Specialist
  • Denise Weaver, OCLC Implementation & Effective Use Analyst

Career Fair

In spring of each year the School sponsors a Career Fair that provides career planning tips and opportunities to meet with area library administrators.


2015 Panel Discussion: An LIS Show and Tell
Featuring the following panel speakers:

  • Paul Gallagher, Director, Library Operations User Services, Wayne State University Libraries.
  • Kelsey Jansen van Galen, Librarian/Archivist, CNN.
  • Holly Flynn, Outreach Librarian, Michigan State University Libraries.

2015 Resume Workshop
Featuring the following presentations:

  • How to Sell Yourself: Kim Schroeder, SLIS Career Advisor.
  • Networking for Your Future: Gail Madziar, Executive Director, Michigan Library Association and Cathy Wolford, President, Michigan Library Association.

2013 Career Fair

2013 Panel Discussion: Non-Traditional LIS Jobs
Featuring the following panel speakers:

  • Leslie Burke, Collection Development and Digital Integration Librarian at Kalamazoo College.
  • Derek Sojda, 2010 SLIS graduate and information architect for Sogeti USA in Metro Detroit.
  • Shawn McCann, Immersive Learning Librarian at Wayne State University. 
  • Karly Szczepkowski, Research Analyst for the Division of Development & Alumni Affairs at Wayne State University. 

Library Journal Annual Placement & Salary Survey, 2012 Results: What You Need to Know
Conducted at the 2013 Career Fair by SLIS faculty member Stephanie Maatta Smith

2012 Career Fair

2012 Panel Discussion: Non-Traditional LIS Jobs
Featuring the following panel speakers:

Library Journal Annual Placement & Salary Survey, 2011 Results: What You Need to Know
Conducted at the 2012 Career Fair by SLIS faculty member Stephanie Maatta Smith

2011 Career Fair

2011 Panel Discussion: Employment Strategies
This distinguished panel, representing a wide variety of LIS employment options, provided lots of good advice and suggestions to current students and recent graduates about how to get marketable and stay marketable in today's challenging environment.