Wayne State University

Lead Instructors

Lead instructors perform the following functions:

  • Assure course profiles are up-to-date and accurate.
  • Provide a liaison with all adjunct faculty teaching the course.
  • Provide a liaison to certificate programs associated with the course.
  • Approve adjunct faculty syllabi for the course before instruction begins.
  • Review and approve or deny student requests for waiver or substitution of courses.
  • Choose the textbook for the course and insure that the textbook is used across all sections of the course.
  • The SLIS lead instructor may compile a reading list and make it available to all course instructors. 

Lead instructors are listed below. 

Course Number Title Lead Instructor
6010 Introduction to the Information Profession Bajjaly
6080 Information Technology Li
6120 Access to Information Anghelescu
6210 Organization of Knowledge Beaudoin
6350 Foundations of Instructional Design Walster
6360 Technology Applications in Education and Training Walster
6370 Producing Technology Based Instructional Materials Walster
6510 Survey and Analysis of Current Literature for Children: Pre-3 Walster
6520 Survey and Analysis of Current Literature for Children: 4-8 Walster
6530 Young Adult Literature Walster
6550 Storytelling Walster
6780 Introduction to RIM Schroeder
6800 Information Technology for RIM Schroeder
7040 Library Administration and Management Charbonneau
7050 Public Libraries Anghelescu
7060 Academic Libraries Hook
7070 Special Libraries Hook
7085 Arts and Museum Librarianship Beaudoin
7110 Humanities Information Services and Resources Beaudoin
7120 Science and Technology Information Services and Resources Anghelescu
7130 Social Science Information Services and Resources Charbonneau
7140 Advanced Reference Service Strategies Anghelescu
7160 Advanced Online Searching Anghelescu
7250 Programming and Services for Children and Young Adults Walster
7310 School Library Media Program Walster
7320 Media Specialist as Teacher and Instructional Consultant Kumasi
7340 Collection Development Anghelescu
7350 Advanced Instructional Design Tools and Techniques Walster
7370 Multicultural Information Services and Resources Kumasi
7400 Urban Libraries Seminar Charbonneau
7410 Software Productivity Tools for Information Zhang
7415 Project Management Li
7420 Client Based Website Development for LIS Zhang
7430 Building Web-Based Information Services  Zhang
7435 Integrated Library Systems Bowman
7440 Scripting Languages for Library Applications Bowman
7450 Digital Imaging Beaudoin
7460 Database Concepts and Applications for Librarians Li
7470 Information Architecture Zhang
7490 Competitive Intelligence and Data Mining Hook
7491 Data Analytics Hook
7492 Information Visualization Hook
7500 Information Behavior Li
7610 Health Sciences Information Services and Resources Charbonneau
7620 Electronic Access to Health Science Information Charbonneau
7640 Practicum: Public Bajjaly
7650 Practicum: Health Sciences Bajjaly
7655 Practicum: Information Management Bajjaly
7660 Practicum: Academic Bajjaly
7670 Practicum: Special Bajjaly
7675 Practicum: Art/Museum Librarianship Bajjaly
7680 Practicum: School Library Walster
7685 Practicum: Archives Schroeder
7695 Practicum: RIM Schroeder
7710 Archival Administration Schroeder
7730 Administration of Visual Collections  Schroeder
7740 Archives and Libraries in the Digital World Schroeder
7750 Introduction to Archival and Library Conservation Schroeder
7770 Oral History: A Methodology for Research Schroeder
7780 Electronic Archives Schroeder
7790 History of books, Printing and Publishing Neavill
7850 Issues in Librarianship: Special Topics Variable
7880 Instructional Methods for Librarians Hook
7885 Administration of Historical Agencies Schroeder
7940 Human Computer Interaction Zhang
7990 Research and Directed Study Bajjaly
7996 Research in LIS Kumasi
8000 Information Policy Hook
8040 Advanced Administration Charbonneau
8110 Government Information Policies and Resources Anghelescu
8120 Legal Information Resources Anghelescu
8130 Business and Industry Information Resources Anghelescu
8210 Advanced Classification and Cataloging Beaudoin
8230 Indexing and Abstracting Anghelescu
8330 History and Foundations of Information Science and Culture Zhang
8370 Cultural Competence for LIS Professionals Kumasi
8410 Topics in Information Management Variable
8998 Specialists Research Seminar Bajjaly