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Joseph Turrini
Assistant Professor
300.21 Kresge
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Joseph M. Turrini is an assistant professor in the School of Library and Information Science at Wayne State University. Turrini  coordinates  the Archival Administration Program, advises students in the archival concentration, and teaches a number of archival courses, including Archival Administration, Oral History and the Administration of Historical Agencies.

Turrini served as an assistant professor and the archival studies program officer in the History Department at Auburn University between 2005 and 2007.  Prior to teaching, he held a number of archival and public history positions, including assistant archivist at The American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives at The Catholic University of America, records analyst at the United Federation of Teachers Archives and Records Center, assistant curator at the Detroit Historical Museum, and on a number of archival projects at the Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor History.

The University of Illinois Press published his book, The End of Amateurism in American Track and Field, in its Sport and Society Series (2010).   He has published a number of articles on labor, sport, and archival history, and archival education.  They have appeared in a variety of journals, including Labor History, Journal of Sport History, Sport History Review, Information & Culture: A History Journal, American Archivist, Michigan History, and Perspectives. 


Coordinator of the Archival Administration Certificate Program

Degrees and Certifications

Ph.D., History, Wayne State University, 2004

M.A., History, Wayne State University, 1993

Graduate Certificate, Archival Administration, Wayne State University, 1993

B.A., History, San Francisco State University, 1991


Recent Publications


 The End of Amateurism in American Track and Field.  Urbana: University of Illinois Press, (Sport and Society Series), 2010.


 Journal Articles and Invited Chapters


The Peoples Race: A Cultural History of the Marine Corps Marathon, (tentative title) in eds., David Wiggins and Chris Elzey, DC Sports: A Century in Transition, University of Arkansas Press (forthcoming 2013-2014).

"'Well I Don't Care About History': Oral History and the Making of Collective Memory in Punk Rock."  (forthcoming, Notes, September 2013)

From History to Library and Information Science: A Case Study of Archival Education at Wayne State University, Information and Culture: A Journal of History 47:3 (2012).

Ours was the best of rivalries: Rafer Johnson, CK Yang and the 1960 Olympic Decathlon, in eds., David Wiggins and R. Pierre Rodgers, Rivals: Legendary Matchups That Made Sport History, Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 2010, 5-27.

Catholic Social Action at Work: A Brief History of the Labor Collection at the Catholic University of America, American Archivist 68:1 (Spring/Summer 2005): 130-151.

It Was Communism Vs. the Free World: The USA-USSR Dual Track Meet Series, 1958-1985, Journal of Sport History 28:3 (Fall 2001): 403-443.

Wes Santee, the Four-Minute Mile, and the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, Sport History Review 30:1 (May 1999): 56-87.

The Newton Steel Strike: A Watershed in the CIOs Failure to Organize Little Steel, Labor History 38:2-3 (Spring/Summer 1997): 229-265.


Descriptive Archival Articles


The Wayne State University Library and Information Science Program Starts Records and Information Management Certificate Program, The Records Manager 2:3 (July 2008): 13.  (http://www.archivists.org/saagroups/recmgmt/TRMv2n3.pdf)

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The Historical Profession and Archival Education, Perspectives (May 2007): 47-49.  [Reprinted in ACA News, the newsletter of the Academy of Certified Archivists, 58 (Summer 2007), 3-7.]

The New Deal Reform and Labor Project at the American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives, Labor History 44:3 (August 2003): 315-317.

Catholic Social Reform and the New Deal: The Papers of Monsignor John A. Ryan and Bishop Francis J. Haas, Annotations 30:1 (March 2002): 7-8, 19.

(with Timothy Meagher and John Shepherd)  Laboring for Justice: Archival Resources for the Study of George Higgins and Catholic Social Action at the Archives of the Catholic University of America, U.S. Catholic Historian 19:4 (Fall 2001): 51-56.




Phooie on Louie: The African-American Community and the 1961 Detroit Mayoral Election, Michigan History Magazine (November/December 1999): 10-17.

Sweet Justice, Michigan History Magazine (July/August 1999): 22-28.

Michigans Forgotten Trackman, Michigan History Magazine (March/April 1999): 46-53.


Encyclopedia Entries


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Book Reviews


Tomas Lidman.  Libraries and Archives: A Comparative Study, in American Archivist (forthcoming, 2013).

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Academic Interests

Archival Administration, Oral History, Archival History, American Labor History, American Sport History