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Graduate Certificate in Information Management for Librarians

The Graduate Certificate in Information Management for Librarians (IM) serves the needs of those who wish to enter the rapidly expanding information field. This certificate program seeks to provide students, librarians, and information professionals with the tools needed to use technology efficiently and effectively in gathering, storing, and disseminating information. Computers and productivity tools are helping knowledge workers in accessing information, generating insights, structuring results into a useful format, and producing knowledge simultaneously. The use of these productivity tools by knowledge workers requires that information professionals alter their perceived traditional professional role so that they can provide expanded services and support to these knowledge workers as well as to continue to perform their traditional professional responsibilities.

Students admitted to the Information Management Graduate Certificate Program will be required to complete a minimum of 15 graduate credits. If this certificate is combined with the Master of Library and Information Science degree, 18 hours in the professional core, 15 hours in the Information Management specialization and 9 hours of elective courses will be required. Students may choose one of the following IM Specializations: Information Analytics, System Implementation or Web Design and Development.

Specializations in the Information Management Certificate

Information Analytics
This specialization prepares the student for public and private sector careers in gathering, storing, modeling, manipulating, protecting, mining, and analyzing information to support decision making in organizations.

Systems Implementation
This specialization prepares the student to select, implement, modify, and maintain various systems in support of the organization's information management operations. In addition, the student will be prepared to participate in organization-wide system planning and policy development.

Web Design and Development
This specialization prepares the student to develop, design, maintain, and administer the organization's websites using the latest concepts and technologies. The students will create websites to meet the needs of the organization's knowledge workers by providing access to information and services.

LIS 6080, Information Technology, is a prerequisite for all Information Management coursework. Please note: LIS 6080 must have been successfully completed within the last 3 years.

in the Information Management Certificate

The IM certificate program is offered completely online.

Information Management Graduate Certificate Plan of Work

Information Management with MLIS Plan of Work

The Information Management Plan of Work documents have been revised as of 8/26/2010. Please contact your advisor or the SLIS main office at 313-577-1825 or asklis@wayne.edu if you need assistance.

Required Classes

Your initial class is LIS 6080: Information Technology. This is a 3 credit hour class. (Take a look at LIS 6080 Course Profile for more information.) Students returning for the IM certificate after graduation must have taken LIS 6080 within three years to meet the Foundation course requirement.

What is covered in LIS 6080?

By the end of the course, you should be able to ...

  • Apply advanced word processing skills to develop library marketing and informational materials
  • Understand and apply the basic vocabulary and principles of computer software, hardware and networks
  • Apply intermediate spreadsheet techniques to perform data analysis (budgets, etc.) in the library environment
  • Make informed technology purchasing decisions for information centers
  • Create a web portfolio utilizing basic markup languages and style
  • Apply knowledge of database construction to developing a database, to effectively using existing professional databases and to evaluating database searching
  • Create and deliver online technology instructional material
  • Collaborate in an online environment
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively in an online environment using audio, video, chat and formal written discourse

Foundational Courses

The following courses are required for all specializations in the Information Management Certificate

  • LIS 7410      Software Productivity Tools for Information Professionals
  • LIS 7460      Database Concepts and Applications for Librarians

Capstone Course

Your final class is LIS 8000: Information Policy. This is a 3 credit hour seminar class.

What's covered in LIS 8000?

By the end of the course, you should be able to ...

  • Differentiate among various definitions of information policy and examine the potential implications for library and information science.
  • Apply an information policy model to assess how local information policies affect individual decision making.
  • Create an organizational information policy using applicable state, regional and federal guidelines.
  • Develop strategies for identifying the impact of information policies in professional and ethical decision making.
  • Select and analyze the effects of an existing governmental information policy.
  • Critically evaluate the implications of information policies at the local, professional and government levels.

For additional information, students are referred to the Degree and Certificate Requirements regulations as stated in the Wayne State University Graduate Bulletin.

Elective Classes

Students may choose one of the following IM Specializations:


LIS 7490      Competitive Intelligence & Data Mining

LIS 7491      Data Analytics

LIS 7500      Information Behavior


LIS 7415      Systems Analysis & Design for Librarians

LIS 7430      Building Web-based Information Services

LIS 7435      Integrated Library Systems


LIS 7420      Website Design

LIS 7440      Scripting Languages for Library Applications

LIS 7470      Information Architecture for Librarians

All classes are three (3) credit hours.

Who can apply?

The Information Management Certificate program is open to all students.

Student interested in pursuing only the IM certificate should review our Certificate policy. Students in this program will be required to meet the SLIS technology requirements.

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